Learning Path: Modeling Fundamentals

  • 3 August 2023
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Whether you’re a customer getting started on your first project with your Pigment implementation team or a partner building your Pigment practice, learn the foundations of modeling in Pigment so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible 


Modeling Fundamentals learning path


The Modeling Fundamentals learning path is a blended self-paced learning experience that consists of lessons that you will read, watch as videos and complete as hands-on activities to reinforce what you learn. You can download transcripts of the videos for reference later on. When you complete this learning path, you can also test your skills with a final quiz to earn your Modeling Fundamentals certification.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Describe the high-level differences between modeling using a multidimensional solution like Pigment rather than traditional linear planning using spreadsheets
  • Navigate the Workspace and identify the various blocks you will create when modeling
  • Practice building two applications and creating the various types of blocks with detailed guidance for the first application and more independently for the second application
  • Write a Pigment formula using the appropriate structure and syntax
  • Use modifiers in formulas to change the structure of your data
  • Identify dimensions in a block and align block dimensions when writing formula operations
  • Practice building a Staff Costs application
  • Share data and dimensions across your applications to enable real-time integrated planning


Ready to Get Started?

  • If you’re a customer, enroll in the Modeling Fundamentals learning path here.
  • If you’re a partner, enroll in the Modeling Fundamentals learning path here

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