How to grant access to boards to selected users based on their Roles?

  • 12 June 2023
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Board permissions allow you to manage who can get access to a board and define what can be done. One common use case is to define these permissions by Roles. Here is the step by step guide.

The best way to have only selected users on a board based on their Roles is to:

  • Set their role board permission as None by default
  • Create a board permission rule that grant them access

First, on my Roles, I turn off board permissions for all Roles (except Admin).
I created a board called "Board 1" where I can review the current sharing status, including knowing which members can view it.
For the moment that is only me with the permission “Can configure”.
If I want all people with a similar Role to have the same access on this board, I will create a metric of permissions, based on the Role dimension: Board 1 permissions by Role
And I will just manually give the permissions to the role I want. 

Here I want the “Modeler” to open boards:

But if I need I can add more here, other roles with other permissions. 
(Note: blank = None)
Now, I will translate my metric into an active rule. So I create another permission metric based on the User dimension: Board 1 permissions by User
And I will use a formula to dynamically attribute my permissions by roles, into permissions by users.?name=Capture+d%E2%80%99e%CC%81cran+2023-06-12+a%CC%80+15.06.33.png
I can immediately see that Benoit, Carole and Pierre, now have a "Can Open" permission.
I can go back on my board to add the rule on my settings.
You can do it from the applications security settings, or directly in your board, via the "share" button:

  • In Permissions, click on add metric and select your permissions metric by Users.

I added: Board 1 permissions by users
And now, if I look at Members to see who has access, I can see it worked.


  • The first permission by Role metric can be done by any dimension, Country, Department, etc… Only you'll have to adapt your permission by User metric's formula to translate it.
  • One rule can be applied on multiple boards, so you’re not forced to create two metrics for all each one of your boards!


To understand more about board permissions, you can read this Article:

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Since the images are broken, there is a new post that explains how to do this: