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Hello Pigment community,


I am trying to compute a table showing in a column the YTD revenue, but the YTD can not be fixed on a specific month but be variable (if we want to see the YTD for 2 months ago for example). 


The only way i saw how to do a YTD revenue is to use a “cumulate” in the calculated items, when i add a calculated item on the dimension “month”. But if i want to change my month from the “current month” to another month, like two months ago, i will have to go back to the calculated item in the pivot. 

Is there a way to change the “item” in “calculated item” easily directly from the pages of the table, so that we can change it directly from the dashboards ? 

Or if this does not work like that, is there a way for me to be able to get a YTD computation that can be edited directly from a dashboard ? 


Thanks a lot for your help !  


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Good evening Vianney,

Thank you for sharing your question to the community.
The simplest way to drive the Month of your YTD Calculated Item is to create an Item Variable and reference it from your Calculated Item.
This way you will be able to easily maintain the YTD Month:

You can navigate to the Application settings panel, then to the Variables menu and start creating your Variable.

Once you have created your Application Variable, you can reference it from the calculated Item:

The following article provides more detail on the application variables:


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Hey Vianney! Were you able to get forward with this? :)

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I think this will not work as we already defined variables on which all of our computation (and our dashboards) depends.


If i change the already existing variables, i suppose it will affect the rest of the dashboards and that is not what i want. 

I will try to see how i can avoid the issue.


Thanks a lot for your answers :) 

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Hello @Vianney ,

Please note that you can create multiple Application Variables, for specific purposes.