Visual Hints feature – Calculated Metric with Input allowed

  • 10 July 2024
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I believe the visual hint feature for metrics is a great feature for the end users. 

However, I have observed it doesn’t work as suggested for the metric that is calculated and overriding with an input value is allowed. 


I have a metric ‘Annual Bonus’, and under the Metric’s ‘Data Input’ settings enabled the ‘Allow overriding formula results with an input’ option.

Data Input setting updated to ‘Allow overriding’


But, if you see it in the Board, it will show only as a Calculated metric i.e. grey vertical column at the right side of the cell, and not as the ‘Calculation with Input allowed’ i.e. with both pale yellow background as well as the grey vertical bar at right side of the cell, to indicate that it is both calculated and input/override is allowed. 

Without the pale-yellow background there is no clear distinction between the two calculations with or without input cells hints.


Calculation with Input allowed - visual hint same as Calculated

Any thoughts about this bug or is it known bug and supposed to work this way? 




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Hi @Jagmit ,

I agree with you, I also noticed that the “calculation with input allowed” only format as expected (pale yellow with vertical grey bar) when you hover your mouse on that cell.

Which is likely a bug as 100%  “Input” cells will pop up as pale yellow all the time, no matter if we hover our mouse over them or not. Hope Pigment team can fix this!