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  • 31 January 2024
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In this article we explain how you interact with your assigned tasks in Pigment, and the information provided with your assigned tasks. 

This topic for Pigment Members who are task assignees. A task assignee performs a task and receives notifications or reminders when tasks are due or overdue. If you’re a task owner and you need information on creating tasks, monitoring their status, performing actions on the tasks, and so on, see Set Up a Pigment Automated Task

Want a quick overview? Check out this Pigment Tasks video!

Where can I find My Tasks?


My Tasks is located under Notifications on the sidebar of your Pigment application. 

My Tasks in Pigment Sidebar

What appears in My Tasks?


As the name suggests, My Tasks displays all the tasks assigned to you in Pigment. There is also a counter indicating the number of tasks you need to complete.

Displayed Task and Counter in Pigment Sidebar

When you click My Tasks, it displays all your assigned tasks ranked in order of their respective due dates. When you click Open as page, the tasks are displayed as follows: 

  • Overdue. A due date in the past. 
  • Coming soon. A due date in the next 7 days.  
  • Up next. A due date in more than 7 days. 

Each listed task displays the following information: 

  • Task name.
  • Task description, or instructions on what needs to be completed. 
  • Due date.
  • Assignees.

What actions can I do in My Tasks? 


You can select each task and click one of the following:

  • Mark as done. This updates the status of the task as completed. When you update a task to Mark as done, this is updated as complete for you and for all the other assignees in the task. 
  • Go to. This opens the location in Pigment where you need to complete your task.
  • Other assignees. This displays the other assignees to whom this task is also assigned. 

Instead of working from the task list in My tasks, you can also open your tasks in a separate page.

Click Open as page to open the My Tasks page. You can then filter your tasks to display only pending or completed tasks. You can also search for a specific task by entering the task name in the Find a task field. 


What happens when I’m assigned a new task? 


In My Tasks, a counter appears, and each time a task is assigned to you, the counter number increases. When the task is created and assigned to you, depending on how you’ve configured your notifications, you’ll receive an email, a Slack message, or both. When a task is incomplete, or not marked as Done, and a reminder is scheduled to be sent to you, a notification is displayed in Notifications. You also get a notification through email or Slack.

You could be assigned a task that's one of several automated actions that make up a Pigment workflow. This doesn't affect how you interact with tasks in Pigment, it's business as usual! Just make sure that you mark your task as done so the next action is kicked off for the next assignee.

Workflows are only available for Enterprise level customers. If you're reading this and you’re curious about making your Pigment tasks flow, reach out to your CSM for more information.


Each Pigment Member configures how they want to receive their notifications. This can’t be done by other Members as it a personal setting. See Pigment's Notification Center for more information on notifications.  


How do I complete a task?


To complete a task do the following: 

  1. Click on the due task in My Tasks. 
  2. Click Go to
    This opens the Board or widget location where your task needs to be completed. This is specified by the task owner during task creation.
  3. When the Board or widget opens, locate the floating task panel at the bottom of your screen.
    You can drag this to the center of your screen if needed. You can see what the floating panel looks like in the image below. 
    Task Panel


  4. When you complete the task, click Mark as done

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