Pigment Community Rank System🎖️

  • 17 October 2023
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On this page we outline how you can obtain specific ranks 🥇

Our ranks are designed to award different kinds of contributing to the Community. We want to ensure our members receive recognition for their activity and have something to show for their efforts.

Ranks are awarded automatically, with the most prestigious rank you qualify for, being your rank. 


Name Criteria

Just Arrived

1 Log-in
Newly Minted Pigmenteer 1 Reply / 1 Post
Budding Pigmenteer 5 Replies, 1 Like Received, 1 Post
Seasoned Pigmenteer 10 Replies, 5 Likes Received, 3 Posts
Advanced Pigmenteer 50 Replies, 20 Likes Received, 10 Posts
Expert Pigmenteer 100 Replies, 50 Likes Received, 25 Posts
Occasional Observer 25 Log-ins, 5 Likes Given
Frequent Reader 50 Log-ins, 10 Likes Given
Keen Learner 100 Log-ins, 25 Likes Given
Pigment Academic 250 Log-ins, 100 Likes Given
Pigment Professor 500 Log-ins, 250 Likes Given
Genius 100 Replies, 15 Answers, 20 Posts
Mastermind 200 Replies, 30 Answers, 50 Posts


4 replies

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Thanks @Isabella Leslie-Miller for this. Just curious, where can we see our current statistics? For example, how many likes we’ve given, or how many likes we’ve received so far.

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Hey @Jared Dolich! There are a limited number of stats you can see on your profile page (such as how many topics you’ve created and how many questions you’ve answered). We can see on the back-end the details for each person, but sharing those insights regularly with users is something I don’t think this platform supports yet - I’ll request it as a feature for you though :)


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Thanks @Isabella Leslie-Miller 

I’m not sure where to post this next question but I’m having trouble with the links in the email notifications I get. When someone responds to my post, I get an email with a link, but when I click on the link I always get this message. Is this security on my end? As you can see, it recognizes me and logs me in but cannot take me to the right page.


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No worries @Jared Dolich - this thread works! 
So this is a problem on our side (we recently migrated to a new domain so a couple of things have broken in the process). We’re working hard to fix it ASAP, so those links will be up and running again soon!