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  • 10 January 2024
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Searches a value in a Dimension List unique propertyreturns the first item matching the value and  BLANK if none is found.



MATCH(Value to Match, Expression)

  • Value to Match can be any expression, that is, a string, number, Metric, List, or List Property. It can be made up of the following data types:  text, number, integer, or Dimension.

  • Expression can be a Metric, List, or List Property, and doesn’t need to contain unique values. If Expression is a Metric, then it needs to be defined on only a single list in the Metric structure.

  • Expression and Value to Match need to be the same data types. 

  • The order for the first match found for ValueToMatch is determined by the ordering of the items in the Expression.


Type Output Structure (Dimensions)
Dimension (same as Expression)

Same as Value to Match (if any exists, else will return Dimension Item of Expression)






Return Type

MATCH("", 'Employees'.'Email')

Returns "John H.", item of the Employees List. This is returned because it’s the first match found in the employee email list.

Employee (Dimension)

MATCH("", 'Employees'.'Email')

Returns blank if the email is not recognized in the List.

Employee (Dimension)

MATCH(City.'Duplicate countries',Country.Name) For each row of the Duplicate Countries text property in the City List, it looks for the first matching country by name in the Country List, and then returns the first match found as an item of Country Country (Dimension)


Excel equivalent: Similar to VLOOKUP, where [range_lookup] is FALSE

See also: ITEM

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