Learning Path: From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey

  • 3 August 2023
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Leverage your business process as a blueprint for the design of your Pigment Boards in the From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey learning path. By putting more effort in the design process up front, you can play with lots of different ideas before executing on them. It's much easier to change things on the mock-up of a Board than redesign what you've built in your model. Design is fast and cheap while execution is slow and costly. 


From Process to Experience: UX Design Journey



Consisting of 8 small courses this learning path sets you up for success by aligning your Pigment Application’s design with how your stakeholders want to analyze the data and leverage those insights for planning. You’ll discover how to:

  • Perform a repeatable process for gathering stakeholder needs when structuring your planning model and designing the user experience
  • Differentiate between the types of widgets available for use on Boards when setting up the user experience and when it makes sense to use each type
  • Structure data for business planning using Pigment Lists 
  • Imagine the visual possibilities for your Boards  with the various types of Pigment charts available
  • Change how data is displayed on Boards and widgets with Page Selectors
  • Use Items variables to significantly decrease maintenance efforts for values that change frequently on Boards and in reports
  • Save time, improve cross-functional collaboration and make your planning processes even more efficient with Automations
  • Build Boards from mock-ups using pre-saved views in an existing Pigment Application


Although you don’t need any previous knowledge of Pigment to benefit from taking this learning path, you will get the most benefit from this learning path after taking the Pigment Essentials for Everyone learning path. 


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