Pigment Applications Guided Tour: Resource Center

  • 23 June 2023
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The Pigment Resource Center provides personalized walkthroughs right in your own Pigment Workspace. Use these walkthroughs as a tool to help you confidently navigate and interact with Pigment in as little as one hour.


How to use the Pigment Resource center


You must first be signed into Pigment to see the Resource center.  Once signed in, click the Help icon at the bottom of the sidebar in the lower-left corner of Pigment. Next, click Guided Tours from the Resource center window. You can take the tours in any order. 


The guided tours require you to have access to at least one Application that contains a Board.


Our guided tours show you how to complete important tasks you do frequently in Pigment including: 

  • Navigating Pigment. Guides you through how to navigate in Pigment.
  • Filtering data with Page Selectors. Showcases how to interact with Pigment to control the information on your Boards 
  • Inputting data. Walks you through entering data directly into Pigment Applications.
  • Creating public and private comments. Learn how to have conversations with others in your Applications
  • Changing the view of a widget. Change the view of a chart, table, and other Pigment widgets.
  • Downloading data from Pigment. Learn how to export data from Pigment
  • Adding totals and subtotals. Learn how to add or adjust different totals for your data.
  • Applying filters and sorting data. Learn how to use filters and sort your data in Pigment.
  • Publishing a chart from a Board.  Learn the steps to publish a chart to a Board. 

You can also quickly access all of Pigment's customer touch points from the Resource Center:

  • Click Documentation to search for keywords and find related articles in the Pigment Community.
  • Click Community to connect with other Pigment users, chat about how you use Pigment, or to get some modeling inspiration! 
  • Click Academy for lessons aimed at business and technical users.
  • Click Keyboard shortcuts to level up your productivity with Pigment shortcuts. 
  • Click Contact Support if you run into a technical issue and want to get in touch with Pigment’s Support team. 

To close the Resource Center, click the Help icon again. 

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