Export Pigment data to Fivetran

  • 20 December 2023
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You can transfer data from your Pigment Views, Lists, Metrics, and Tables to Fivetran with our REST API.

First, you export your data from Pigment to your cloud server, for example Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure, or Amazon Web Services. Next, you export your data from your selected cloud server to your  Fivetran destination. 

Recommended reading


In case you need it, we’ve compiled some useful background information for you:  

Before you begin


Before you start your export, we recommend that you complete the following tasks in Fivetran and Pigment. 


  • Verify access to your Fivetran account
  • Consult with your Fivetran admin
    You may need to obtain permissions and information to successfully complete your export.



Only Pigment members with the account type Workspace Admin or Security Admin can access the Access API key management page and manage API keys. 

Export Pigment data to your cloud platform


To export your Pigment data to your required cloud platform, take a look at the information below:  

Export Pigment data from your cloud platform to Fivetran


To export your Pigment data from your cloud platform to Fivetran, take a look at the information below: 

  1. Create a destination for your data. 
    For more information, check out the Fivetran documentation here
    Select your data’s destination


  2. Select your required cloud platform.
    Select your cloud platform


  3. Complete your setup.
    This is described in the Fivetran documentation below: 



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