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  • 12 January 2023
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The Automatically generated unique ID option within a List property creates a new integer for every new item within a Transaction or Dimension List.  Once activated, this feature will keep a continual count based on the order an item was created in.  


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This option is only available on unique properties of Transaction and Dimension Lists with a data type of Integer.


How does it work?


The Automatically generate unique IDs feature adds a new integer next to every item that is created within a list. Starting at 1 and incrementally adding one new number for every item created. 


The ID does not change if an item is reordered.

This means if an item is assigned the ID of 5, and is moved to the top of the list, that number will remain as 5.  


IDs are not reused even if deleted.

If you deleted an item, its ID will not be reused.  For example, if the last item you created has an ID of 10 and you delete that Item. The next item you create will be 11.  


The Incremental count starts when the option is activated. 

If you activate Automatically generate unique IDs on an existing list, it will assign IDs based on the current order. 


How do you activate Automatically generate unique IDs?


If you activate the Automatically generated unique ID option on a property with a formula, the formula on the property will be removed and data on the property will be erased.


To activate this feature, you must first create a new property with a data type of Integer. 

Because each value is unique, you must first toggle on the Unique item values option. 

Next toggle on the Automatically generate unique IDs option.



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