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  • 14 January 2022
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In this article you will learn how you can "move" a List (Dimension or Transaction) to any other application. This can be a very powerful functionality as the number of applications you create expands and you want to maintain list governance across applications.  You can learn more about this from one of our Pigment Pro best practice articles about Multi-Application Architecture.


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Why would you move a list?


As the number of Applications within your workspace grows, there will be instances where lists are shared across multiple applications.  The list will reside in the application it was built in, that application will be able to control the items, properties of those items and other areas of maintenance.  It is not uncommon for lists to be created in an application that isn’t the best suited for maintenance.  For example, you might create Employee list in Finance but need to add new employees through another application, either a data hub or potentially an HR application.  This functionality allows you to move that list from one application to another while still maintaining any instances that the list is shared in.  


How to move a list

Open the "Block Settings"  and go to the bottom of the General tab to find the "Move List to another Application" button. 

A modal will ask you to select a destination application. Select one and confirm.

If applicable, the List will be "Shared" and the "Application Library" of all Applications which were using this List will be adjusted automatically. 

And with that, the list has been moved to a new Application! 





Warning on Access Rights & Permissions

When you move a List to another application, the Access Rights of the new Application will be applied to the List. Make sure you adjust the Access Rights configuration in the new Application. 

Some Permissions are required to move a List:  "Configure Block" in both source and target Application + "Manage Security" in source application


Which Lists can be moved?

All Lists can be moved except:

  • -Lists which are "protected" :  Calendar dimensions and Security List (like Role).
  • Lists which are directly displayed in a board widget (temporary).
  • Lists that have an Access Rights rule applied to them. 




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