Adding mapping properties in the other app for existing dimension

  • 5 September 2023
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Hey Team, 

I have a transaction list with all employees in the Workforce planning and in the same application we created the Employee ID with various properties mapped to this dimension like country, department etc. I would say classic Employee ID dimension block with a mapping. 

Now we have a need to add additional dimension property at the Employee Id level for a respective department which can be added manually employee by employee by the other team who makes the allocation of sales forces in the other application i.e. it’s not a Workforce app. 

What type of block we should create to have a kind of a table where we have a list of employees and then column with the list of properties for the allocation?
PS. We don’t want to do it at the transaction list level due to security and also this infotramtion will never be available in our HR system to import it. Thanks! 


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4 replies

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Hi Kamil,

You can host the inputs in a 'Department inputs' metric for example, that would be of type dimension = department, and structured by Employee and Month so you can follow department changes if you wish to.

The way it’s usually done is this block has a formula: Previous(Month) and allows overriding formula results with an input by toggling this option in the block’s setting. This would give you the ability to do a manual input that would be propagated on to the rest of cells without doing anything.

Here is an example:


This metric can be hosted in your other team’s application and shared to your source application.

Then in your Employee ID dimension you can add a new “Department” property of type dimension = department and fetch your metrics inputs with the formula 'Department inputs' [remove lastnonblank:Month]


Please let us know if that helps?




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Thank you @Benoit ! This is exactly what I wanted however I found one more blocker. Below is the new block that I created but can’t find the option to filter Employee IDs for one department, specifically use the mapping of Employee ID > Department that is the in the Workforce planning (2nd screesnhot). Currently it doesn’t recognise mapping from Employee Id dimension and populate all departments for each employee. Thanks!



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Hi Kamil,

Yes, if you have Departments as both a metric data type and a pivot dimension, you’ll end up viewing all possible configurations, meaning all possible departments for all employees. And the inputs would be much difficult to make.

I would suggest to remove the Departement dimension from your structure. In any case, it will be displayed by your mapping Employee id > Department.


If that does not help, could you please screenshot your metric structure and Pivot side bar?

Here are mine:


And how it looks like when I pivot my view on Employee ID > Departments:

I have only the rights mappings:


Let us know.

Have a great day.

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Ok, you helped me to navigate to the right place. I removed the Department as a Dimension and added Employee ID > Department to the Pages and in the pages option filtered single department. Thanks!