Aggregate a dimension to a metric

  • 24 April 2023
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I have a transaction list with a property that is filled through a dimension list with a month, this transaction list has also another property where I want to aggregate the latter property that is filled through the dimension list (month) and a number metric containing the number 2. But I get this error message “ Expressions are incompatible and cannot all be converted to Dimension (Month)”.

My end goal is to have my needed property with the property containing the month dimension + 2

I don’t want it to be done manually so I want it to be added to this metric containing the number 2.

I hope my question is clear. I am impatiently waiting for your feedbacks!


Best answer by Nathan 10 May 2023, 17:19

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4 replies

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Can you show us your formula ?

The Dimension Month can be added +X if X an integer/number and returns a Month, so it should work.

What is your number metric ? does it have dimensions ?

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@Nathan Here is the formula
'Transaction'.'Month Property' + 'Number Metric'

The metric is just a cell containing the number 2


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Dear @Nathan

Are there any updates please?

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Hi Khadija,

sorry the the time lapse !


I think I found the issue: try doing:

('Transaction'.'Month Property') + 'Number Metric'

And also make sure your Number Metric is actually an Integer