Asset Amortisation Schedule

  • 17 August 2023
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Hi All, 

I need a simple amortization schedule by month where:

Opening Balance = Closing Balance of Month -1

Amortisation = e.g. 30% of Opening Balance *-1

Closing Balance = Opening Balance + Amortization

I created three separate metrics but I am struggling - I am getting a circular reference when calculating Amortisation. Can you help?




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3 replies

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Hi Adam,

To avoid the circular reference I believe you can reverse the logic by starting from your output:

I made a little model to help you:


  1. Source input = the amount to start with
  2. Closing balance = previous(Month) + Source input - previous(Month)*Amortisation rate
  3. Amortisation = (Closing balance * amortisation rate*-1) [select: Month-1]
  4. Opening balance = Closing balance[select: Month-1]


I hope it helps, also I’ll inquire about existing models so we can share better insights about this use case.


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And we do have exisiting models that are covering this use case and that can be added on to your workspace upon request. They are called:

  • CAPEX Planning (entire application)
  • CAPEX Component (component that can be added to an existing application)

If you’re under implementation, you can refer to your CSM or SA.

If you’re already implemented, you can create a support ticket to request these models.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks Benoit, it helps. I do not think I need and existing model as I need to apply this logic to other calculations in the balance sheet. I will check it out though.