assign one dimension to another (resources to project tasks)

  • 16 January 2024
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I’m working on a model for a company with project-oriented business.

I need to allow users to create planned projects from scratch. Every project is dimensioned with Project Task (child of Project dimension), Resource (independent dimension - all resources are available for all projects) and Date (month) and Metrics - workload (hours).

First, a user should create project structure by creating Project Tasks within the Project, then assign the Resources to every Project Task and then fill the workload metric.

I want user to work on a table like at the image.

My question is how to give the user an ability to assign Resources (one or more) to the given Project/Project Task.


Thanks a lot!


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Hi Yuri,


You could simply make the metric workload be the one that means that the resource is assigned to this task.

UX could be like this, on a board:

First widget: provide a way, to select the right resource. Can be the full list and some properties about them (skills, availability, location etc). The user then right click on the resources they want and select

Second widget: the metric you are showing above with just that one resource selected (so resource as a page selector)

Third Widget: a summary of all the resources for a project/task, filter to show lines where there is a NON BLANK value (from which you can actually edit the workload)


Hi Nathan,

Many thanks for your suggestion. Based no it I’ve slightly modified the approach.

First, I created boolean metric Resource Assignment dimensioned by Project Task and Resource.

Next, I wrote a formula to the metric Template Workload and allowed overriding formula results with input.

And finally I filtered out BLANK values of this metric view as you suggested to get the desired result.


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yes, that works well, the trick is first assigning then inputting.

In your case you have one less step than me but you rely on one more input. 

In the end, chose the UX that works best