Average MRR invoiced per cohort

  • 29 September 2023
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I tried to calculate the average MRR invoiced per cohort but it’s not working.
i tried to drill down but dit not find the solution.

For example: MRR by cohort for Cohort 14 in jan 23 is equal to 4315€ and '# MRR invoiced by client is equal to 6.

The calculation should do 4315 divided 6, but it’s not.

Can you help me ?




Best answer by Cedric LJ 2 October 2023, 09:38

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2 replies

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Hi Cedric,

What is the dimension structure of your source blocks?

Are they aligned?

if you open the formula playground and switch to automatic mode, do you notice a structure difference?

If the cell is not divided by the second block, can you ensure the data is present on the second block?


Hope it helps.


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I have the same dimensions for both metrics, so the problem is not coming from this part.
From what i see the calculation done for each client is good.
I change the formula aggregator from sum to average.
Looks like it’s making the trick :)