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  • 22 February 2023
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Hi Team,


As we know pigment is all about visuallization, how interesting and convenient we can make board for the end user and visually appealing . On community we have article on Board Inspiration also where we get tips on board preparation but it would be more helpful if we could have some pictorial representation of how we can make our board more eye catching and sensible for end user at the same time. It would be preferred if we could have some sample images of recommended board. 

Or is there any article on the same which i may have missed than kindly help me locate that.


Thank you in advance

3 replies

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Hi @Team Planafin

I would like to inform you that Many pigmenteer want same feature and Pigment Team has been considered it and added on the roadmap.

For your reference, please find the idea link below:


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Hi Abhilash,


Thank you for the response. I guess there’s some confusion, i don’t mean to add images to the board i want some board sample images recommended by pigment team for better visualization. 

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Hey Nancy,

Have you managed to find resources on board design? :)

Here are a few articles I’ve found handy as of late when it comes to board design principles: