Calculating directly in a table?

  • 13 October 2023
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Hello. I have created a table with multiple metrics. The calculations work currently, except the percentages are aggregating or calcing oddly when I display the table. When we’re looking at data at NOT the lowest level, the % is incorrect.

In the screenshot below, I basically want the Account Churn % to display Churned Accounts / Active Accounts BOP. So 1%, 4%, 5% etc. I looked into Calculated Items, but doesn’t seem like that would work in this case. Am not looking to alter the metric itself, but rather to add a row for display purposes only.




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3 replies

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the way to go is Calculated Item. You can use the option “Add this metric Again” or “Add as new” when creating the CI.

This will get you another line

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Thanks. I tried this, both in the board widget directly and in the underlying table. I only see “Add this metric again”, but no option to make it into calculated.


The only place I see anything about calculated items is if I select one of the months. However I am not interested in a manual calc horizontally (i.e. month versus another month). I am only looking to take one row and divide by another.




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Ahh I’m using the wrong vocabulary. CI is for dimension items, for Metrics it is called “Show Value As”

which you can see in your menu/screenshot