Calculating total price of subscription based on tiers


Hello Pigment community,

I have a list of different clients that depending on the amount of users they are charged a different price based on tiers. Currently we do the process with an excel model that calculates the total price of the subscription based on a table that looks like this with the IFS formula:

I would like to do this automatically on Pigment but I don’t know how to set it up so that based on the amount of users it multiplies such user for the correct price. Another limitation is that as you can see in the table there is the price of the Core service, and then there are different options that the clients can subscribe to. Therefore I also need pigment to multiply the usage by the correct options depending on what options each client has subscribed to. Currently in excel we do it by the means of this table: 

As you can see we use 1 as true and 0 as false.


Thank you in advance,


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Hi Gabriel,


in Pigment we call that calc buckets or clusters.

@francois explained how to do that here: Sorting data in clusters | Community (

It works really well and you could make it even more dynamic: changing the bounds over time or simulating bounds change


Dear Nathan, 

Thank you for your reply, setting up the ranges as a dimension is a great idea and it would allow me to match the data as I need. However, when I try following the post that Francois published, it doesn’t convert it to a dimension as you can see in this picture:


How can I solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

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either your lower bound is empty

 or simply pivot the range dimension to rows, Pigment can’t show an aggregate range data


Hello Nathan,

Pivoting the range to rows worked, thank you for the guidance