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  • 21 September 2023
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Is there a way I can change the color setting such that Unbilled and Billed dimensions are in different colors? Thanks in advance!! 




Best answer by Fabien 21 September 2023, 09:32

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Good morning Yaejis,

The item color is automatically computed by Pigment and there is no proper way to customize what color each item should use.
In your case, the two items should have different color and this worthes a ticket to the product team.

Please note there is a way to customize the overall color palette Pigment will for dimension items.
It can be done from the workspace Settings menu > Colors then toggle on the option Use brand colors for dimension items in data grids.

Hope that helps.
Have a wonderful day !

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Sounds good thank you!



Looks like Pigment just secretly added a new feature where you can change the color of a dimension item to another color within the application color palette.

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hi @Atlasi indeed, we just released it yesterday! We will make a communication soon :)

In the meantime @Yaejis, you can read the last paragraph of this article explaining how to set it up! 

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Thanks @Carole for good news!