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Is it possible to create 3 distinct views on 3 distinct metrics, and combine the metrics into 1 table that incorporates the 3 distinct views? 
Alternatively, say I have a table constructed from multiple rows that are each a metric. It would contain 3 sections (Revenue, COGS, and OPEX). Is there a way to have unique row pivot selections for each of the 3 sections and not having the row pivot selections impact all rows instead? Or will this require 3 unique tables, separating the 3 sections?



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Metrics presented in the same table will use the same dimension (if the dimension is not used in a metric it will be displayed on a “Total” line).

I’m not sure what you are trying to achieve, could you share a mock up (spreadsheet or image) ?

Hi Camille,

Thank you for the guidance here. Based on your first answer it sounds like a view similar to this will not be possible. What we would be looking to do is apply different dimensions to different sections of a P&L.

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Hi @JV-55 ,

You can achieve this by creating several metrics :

  • COGS ones with dimension : category A
  • OPEX ones with dimensions : A, B, C and D

In your pivot, you can add categories as rows and use “Tree” display, it could look like this (quick example) :