Count by hired and terminate dates and employee type

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What is best way to setup the metric formula to summarize the # of headcount by following three?

  1. by Division (using Division property)
  2. by monthly (using Effective date property. This is basically monthly HC Data exported date.)
  3. by Worker type. (using Worker Type property)



Thanks in advance! 


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Hello Yaejis,


You can try with this formula (to be adjusted to your block names):


Load_transaction.’Employee ID’ [BY COUNT :  Load_transaction.Division, Load_transaction.Month,  Load_transaction.’Worker Type’]


The Metric data type should be “Number” or “Integer” and the dimensions: Month, Division, Worker Type.

To build this formula you can leverage the “Pigment Wizard” accessible through the Playground!

Hope this helps


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Hey Yaeji,

Did you manage to get forward with this? :)

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