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Hello, I have a metric that calculates for me the travel amount (see below) which has three dimensions, Parent Department, Version, and Travel lines. This metric eventually goes into a table where we have all the drop downs you see in the formula. Now I need to add another metric for display that will count the number of travel inputs each parent department has (or maybe just a KPI instead). So in this example, for Parent Department I would like to see “4”. How do I use the COUNT formula or another one to do it? 



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Hello @Vikatzen ,

You can create an additional metric dimensioned by Parent Department, Version and apply the following formula:

‘Travel Amount Calculated’[REMOVE COUNT: 'Travel lines'] 

Where the COUNT aggregator would get you the count of input lines and aggregating it at the Version and Parent Department level with the removal of the Travel lines dimension.

Hope this helps

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