Creating a dimension list and transaction list

  • 24 January 2024
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How do I create a dimension list (step by step process), How do we know what fields would be a dimension, for example, would a product type classified as text or dimension? or customer classification (New/Existing) be a text or dimension.
Also, how does this feed to the transaction list, when importing a csv file.
When the transaction list is then created, how do I create metrics, chart and tables from this transaction list.


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Hi Mart,


For most of your questions, I suggest you follow the trainings on the Academy, which will cover these.


The question of “what should be a dimension vs text”  is a very important one.

Typically, almost everything should be a dimension, if you want to be able to use it in Pigment.

Example: in an accounting ledger, almost every field should be a dimension except things like description, ledger number, transaction count.

Example 2: in HR data, same, everything should be a dimension (contract type, cost center, country, etc). Only things like address, phone number etc would be text (and you probably don’t need those in Pigment !)


Another rule you can use: if your data will lead to an unlimited number of unique items (like a description), it should be text.