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  • 4 January 2024
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I would like to do an import of  a Salesforce report with 13000 lines.

To do so I need to use the custom query import mode.

The problem I have is that i need to use some fieds located in Opportunity table and other in Lead table.

I wrote :
Select Field A, Field B
From Lead , Opportunity

but it is not working.


Can you help me ?





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2 replies

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UP :) 

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Hi @Cedric LJ, when you say it is not working do you mean you get an error or the results aren’t the ones you expect?

You probably need to add a WHERE clause to specify how the data should be referenced between the 2 tables.

Check the Relationship Queries from SFDC’s documentation for some examples on how you can format your query:


Maybe something like this would work?

SELECT Lead.FieldA, Opportunity.FieldB
FROM Lead, Opportunity
WHERE Lead.ConvertedAccountId = Opportunity.AccountId