Customizing and multi-dimensionalizing Unique IDs

  • 29 November 2023
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Hi Pigment Community, 

We have a dimension list that generates unique IDs for potential hires before they go through our formal requisition process. Curious to know:

1.  Is there a way to customize unique IDs so they follow a specific nomenclature (i.e. TBH - 001)? Would concatenating them be the best approach? 

2.  Is it possible to generate unique IDs based on a dimension? For example, if we created a “to-be-hired” role under Department A, it would generate unique ID #1. If we created a “to-be-hired” role under Department B, it would generate unique ID #2 since unique ID #1 is already in use elsewhere. Currently, both roles are tied to unique ID #1. Ideally, we would want to associate properties to these unique IDs as well.


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you can certainly do that !

In a dimension list, there is an option to make a property an auto generated unique Integer (as below)

You can use this to concatenate anything:


In this case I’ve used the Month Dimension but you can put any other. Every dimension has a property Name by default but you can use any other text property.



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Thanks for confirming, @Nathan! Any thoughts on the second question? 

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Makes me think you are using our standard app which uses the same item across dimensions.

I’m not sure you can make it fully sequential as it is not by design, but you can add a number before the ID count to make sure the number is unique.

Ideally by concatenating with a unique number that you put as a property of the Department Dimension

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Hey @Kyla ,


Have you managed to get forward with the second question? :)



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Squared away, thanks all!