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  • 2 October 2023
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I would like to create a metric that count the number of deals per month depending on the dimension below. 

In order to do so we should use “ ID prm client and “date of first contract signature” from the below dimension.

How can i do that ?
Thanks for your help.


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6 replies

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Hi Cedric,

Firstly, create a new property call Contract Signature Month of data type Month.
use the TIMEDIM() function to get the Month match with the date you have.

Then you can use the Playground and see it can be as easy as doing

1[BY:PRM Company ID.Contract Signature Month]

However I’d suggest you also create another property in that dimension to count the contracts and maybe account for mapping issues, blank rows etc

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Thanks for your answer.
I struggle a bit with the item formula, how the formula will look like ? 

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sorry I’m wrong it is actually TIMEDIM function | Community (

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In the formula” 1[BY:PRM Company ID.Contract Signature Month] “ the 1 is referring to which metric ? 

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It is not a metric, just a counter, doing a BY will create a metric of value one by that dimension you put in the BY

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The easiest way in my opinion is:

  • Create a new property in your dimension to convert your date into Month
    Property name = Month, type = dimension = Month
    Formula is TIMEDIM('PRM Company ID'.date,Month)

So your dimension should look like this


  • Create the metric structured by Month
    the formula would be

'PRM Company ID'.Name [by count:'PRM Company ID'.Month]


Hope it helps.