Emojis in dimension to define status

  • 10 August 2023
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Hi community,


I have a numerical metric delivering a variance between Actual and Budget.

I’m trying to create a metric (text), that transform a negative variance into a text (enabling me to add emojis there)

My problem is that when I try the formula times out. What could lead to a formula time out?



1 reply

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Hi Guillermo,


We can notice that your metric is structured by 7 dimensions which most probably exceeds what we can handle as your formula returns a result on all cells.

Maybe you can try to reduce the scope of your formula to say:

IF( isdefined(metric), IF(metric >=0, “ok”, “not ok” ) )


IF( isdefined(metric) and metric >=0, “ok”, “not ok” )

Please let us know if it helps.