Error during formula computation. Some values overflows 10^14

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I have been getting this error recently when I perform divisions on Pigment. I understand division by 0 or blank can give NA, that is why I use an IF in the formula to make sure we do not computate those values.

 Thank you very much in advance!



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Hi Jose,


Thank you for your question. I’ve seen you’ve also submitted a Support ticket.


The error indicates that the result of you formula returns numbers that are too large for the system to store, which is also known as an Overflow error.
As a result, we suggested to round the metric MRR Live hors interchange and modify the formula to replace the 0 in the IF function by blank to optimise it. 


If you need further assistance, please reply on the ticket.


Many thanks!



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That’s well spotted @Benoit!

This could indeed be that although MRR Live hors interchange is not equal to zero, it is so small that a division by it overflows the system.

You could also change your initial condition ( IF('MRR Live hors interchange' = 0 ) to near-zero, e.g. IF(ABS('MRR Live hors interchange') < 0.000001.

That number would have to be fine-tuned, depending on the magnitude of your values.

This would ensure that we don’t overflow values, as the problem could come from a rounding error in the calculation:

  • Value A - Value B (almost equal) = 1x10^-15
  • this means Value A - Value B <> 0
  • 1/(Value A - Value B) = 10^15, leading to a calculation overflow.

By changing your test from =0 to <0.0001, you basically avoid such cases.