Error during formula computation. Some values overflows 10^14

  • 24 May 2024
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Hi, I have been getting this error message in my formulas, and need some help to solve this, anyone that have knowledge of this error? 

 Thank you very much in advance!


4 replies

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Hey @Benedikte - this thread might be helpful for what you need here. Have you also tried to ROUND the parts of your formula where you are dividing values? 

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Hi Benedikte,


This question also covers a similar case


Please let us know if you need more assistance.


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Hi Benedikte,

This “Some values overflows 10^14” occrus when , for example, you try to calculate 1/B and your B is too small (< 1x10^-14), then your 1/B probably is probably bigger than 10^14 and it makes the calculation generate values overflow 10^14.

Looking at your formula, maybe I think you should check “UPH01_per country...”

Hope my answer helps,


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Thank you for your support! The error message is now gone and the formula works :D