Filtering and Pivoting Monthly Data

  • 19 January 2024
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I need help retrieving information for a metric of the monthly type. This metric consists of 3 dimensions (operation, cohort, month). I would like to retrieve in which cohort the operations are in December '23. And thus obtain a cohort type metric with the operation as its dimension.

For exemple for this operation, I like to retrive the M+106 cohort.


Thanks for your help.


Best answer by Issam Moalla 19 January 2024, 16:26

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 Hi @Antoine-2 ,

If you are looking to retrieve in which cohort the operations only when the monthly type is equal to December 23.
the formula would be: 

IF('Monthly type' = Month."Dec 23", Cohort)[REMOVE LASTNONBLANK: Month, Cohort]


  • If(Monthly type = Month.”Dec 23”,cohort) would result in a cohort type metric retrieving the cohort value only when Monthly type metric equals Dec 23. this metric would have the same dimensions as Monthly type metric (Operation, Cohort, Month)
  • [REMOVE LASTNONBLANK: Month, Cohort] would remove the Month and Cohort dimensions and keep the last non blank value. Which will result in a Cohort typer metric with only Operation as a dimension.


Hope this helps,