Freeze columns in a metric view

  • 18 August 2022
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When I add a metric to a board, the rows are automatically ‘frozen’ so that they remain visible when I scroll to the right.

Is this an option with columns too? Sometimes there are too many rows and I get lost when the date columns are no longer visible.


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Hi Megan,

In theory, column headers are frozen too.

What can happen in your board is the height of your widget is bigger than the screen so you have to scroll down the entire window.

We recommend to keep widgets’ heights lower than the size of your screen so you always see the widget column headers and scroll down within the widget (compared to scrolling down the entire window).

Then, if you need a bigger view to browse the data, the best solution is to expand the widget using the far right icon:

It will open a pop-up window with your metric view that would fit your entire screen while remaining on the board.


If you think you’re experiencing something different with scrolling in the widget/window, please forward the example to our Support to ensure there is no bug occurring on your board.


Let me know if it helps?