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  • 3 November 2023
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Hello Pigment community,


I am having trouble creating a metrics to compute my ageing balance. The aim is to create a metric that would calculate the delay in days between the due date of each invoice and the current day (today). 

I tried to find workaround on this in the community but i can’t make them work in my case. I saw as well that a replica for Pigment of the excel function TODAY() was under development but i did not see if that was live or not. 

Can you help me ? 


Thanks a lot 


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Hello @Vianney ,


TODAY() formula is currently on the roadmap, but as you have pointed out is not available yet.


What you can do is the following workaround:


  1. Build 1 Dimension called Current Date
  2. Build one Metric (1) with that dimension and call it TODAY
  3. Change the format of the metric to Date and define today’s date.
  4. Build another Metric (2) with the same dimensions and format and call it TODAY + 1
  5. Write a formula in Metric (2) = Metric (1) + 1
  6. Set up a Pigment to Pigment import from Metric (2) to Metric (1)
  7. Schedule the import at 00.01 everyday.


Now you have a metric that will update daily with your current date. Please let me know if anything is not clear.