Google Sheets Connector & Data imported not matching format or filters set in saved view

  • 26 September 2023
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When building & refreshing an existing connection to Pigment, the view I have saved does not pull through to google sheets in the format that I saved the view. It also does not pull through all the page filters that I have, specifically the years page filter.

This causes the whole import to pull through for all existing years for all scenarios that I am pulling in. It also pulls through all data rows even if there is no underlying data. For example I am pulling a full P&L and instead of pulling through just the Revenue Accounts for Account L1 Net Revenue it also pulls through every Opex, CoR, etc. account L0. This causes a ton of extra useless empty rows in our google sheet. This is a lot to scroll past & causes noise in our workbooks. Is there a better workaround here? Right now I have one tab just for the Pigment connection & then have to manipulate the data on another tab to get the format cleaned up. 


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Hi Katie,


I believe this should not be the case considering your configuration is correct.

If your view in Pigment is filtered, your ghseet view should be the same.


My advice would be to log a Support ticket with maximum details to ensure everything is working as it should be.