Growth of Negative Items and Conditional Formatting

  • 24 April 2023
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I’m having issues properly showing the growth and variance of negative items.

As an example, if actual EBITDA was -0.25 and budget was -1.0, I can get the difference to display correctly, but my only options for % variance are

  1. -75% (-.25- -1.0)/-1 or 
  2. +300% (-1- -.25)/-.25

Neither of those are correct.  It should be +75%.  I can use “Reverse Signs” but that doesnt apply to conditional formatting.  

Has anyone figured out a better way to show this in a table?

1 reply

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Hello @sbenkov,

I agree that the display options for negative items is less than ideal. -75% is an intuitively incorrect output for a situation where you generating higher EBITA. I don’t think any of the current selection of options fully meets your needs. Sign flipping, conditional formatting, and stacking calculated items all have a short coming that makes them less than ideal.

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