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  • 31 May 2022
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Is it possible to hide only empty rows or columns? Currently in the filter I see the “Hide empty rows / cols” option, but what if I just need to hide empty columns? 




Best answer by CamilleMomo 23 June 2022, 11:02

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Hi Luigi,


very much demanded ! And in the works ! I’m not sure of the expected arrival, will check it.

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Hi Luigi,

In the meantime, a workaround can be to use a metric to filter the columns in a table. For example in this view I use a metric “Week start ?” to only display days corresponding to the start of a week :


NB : You can hide the metric afterwards

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Nicely spotted @CamilleMomo ! Filters have since been updated and you can indeed filter on the finest level of the hierarchy with either a condition (Metric Value is not blank) or a special, additional metric where you specify the condition yourself with a boolean.

If you don’t want to see the filter (those blue squares at the bottom of the view) you can right-click on it and hide it. It will still be in the view for Pigment to filter but it won’t show up in your nice board.

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Hi @Luigi ,


I have some good news for you!  We just announced the ability to hide empty rows or columns


Thanks for the feedback, hope you enjoy the update!


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Love it!! Thanks!