How do I hide empty rows and columns in google sheets export?

  • 21 May 2024
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When saving views and using the Pigment Connector to export them to google sheets, I’m unable to retain the “hide empty rows and columns” filtering selection. Is this a feature in Pigment or are there plans to add this feature any time soon? Thanks!

5 replies

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Hi @cayleyb,

It works on my side when saving a view in a Table block using the “hide empty rows and columns” option.

Can you share some details on your source and Gsheet ?



Hi @CamilleMomo,

This is using the Pigment Connector through Google sheets, not only exporting a table to Excel? Even in my saved views where I have empty rows / columns hidden, they still show up when I click “load view” in the Pigment Connector panel of google sheets.

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@cayleyb Yes with the GSheet connector. It works when clicking “load view” .

Sorry to ask, but are you using a table and selecting the correct view ?


@CamilleMomo Hmmm that’s interesting! Yep using a table with one view. Still getting all the blanks with the filter set to hide empty rows and columns in the saved view. So there is nothing you are clicking in the connector? The saved view just retains the hidden rows and columns when you pull down the view into gsheets?

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Hi @cayleyb,

I had this issue recently and logged a ticket to the support, @Maxim Kudashkin feel free to jump in if I forget something.

Unfortunately, if you’re using “Hide Empty Row” in a table and export to GSheet you will still see blank rows. This is because GSheet evaluates tables as a single object instead of doing the export metric by metric and thus hiding the rows.

To illustrate this behavior, here is a quick example, where I have 3 basic metrics by year:

  • Metric A is populated for the 4 years
  • Metric B is populated only for 2 years
  • Metric C isn’t populated at all

In the table, I get the expected result with 6 rows. However, during the export I have all the possible combination even the blank ones. This is because of the way tables are evaluated during the export, in my example, because Metric A has data for FY25, Metric B and Metric C will still show up during the export.

3 metrics but Metric B is populated only for 2 years and Metric C isn’t populated at all
During the export I have all the combination possible even for Metric C and Metric B

Please note that this won’t happen if you export a metric.