How to change the scale of Y-axis in a combined chart?

  • 10 July 2024
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I am trying to change the scale of the Y-axis on a combined chart, but am not seeing the option of a “Fixed” scale.

Interestingly, on a Secondary Y scale this is possible (pls see below)

In a separate discussion below, it was stated that this should just be an issue with bar charts, but I cannot find the option in the combined chart either.

Thanks for the help!

1 reply

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Hello @VKTR 

I hope you are doing well!

Currently, the fixed scale Y-Axis feature is only available for Line type charts. This feature has never been available for Bar, Combined, Pie, or Waterfall type charts, although it has been suggested in the past.

When adding a secondary axis, fixed scales only work if the Combined chart has at least one Line type series selected, as the secondary axis specifically acts on this series.

I can definitely see how having the ability to fix scales on all chart types would be useful.

Could you please submit an Idea in our community to give this feature suggestion better visibility?

Kind regards,