Import from Pigment to Google Sheet without creating new lines and columns

  • 18 November 2022
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I need to make multiple different imports from Pigment to Google Sheets within a preset presentaion frame (namely, fixed row titles and fixed column titles). But instead of filling the existing available empty cells of the sheet under those row and colum titles, the import seems to be inserting new rows and new columns (as many as the total surface of the import) between existing rows and columns. Can you please help me solve this ?




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Hello Erwan,

If I understood correctly, you have a template that you would like to fill using the Google Sheet connector to export from Pigment to Gsheet. If what you said is true about Pigment not using the existing available cells, then you could use another tab to display your result as expected.

So one tab to get the data and another one to do the formatting, which will be referring to the first tab with the data from Pigment.
I’m not sure about this solution, but it’s probably worth a try. Let me know how it goes :)


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Did Gawain’s answer help, @ECO? Let us know if you need more!