Importing a dimension from one dimension list to another

  • 3 August 2023
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I have a dimension list with “Actual Vendors”, that are created from our actuals transaction list. 

I’ve created a “budget category” dimension in the “actual vendor” dimension list, where I will tag and create new budget categories for each “actual vendor”, also created a boolean column, which checks wether I tagged the “Actual Vendor” or not. 

I’ve also imported our Vendor Budget list, where I’ve tagged an “Actual Vendor” to each “Budget Vendor”. 

I know want to add/import the “Budget Category” to the Vendor Budget list, mapping it from the Actual Vendor dimension list on the aligned “Actual Vendor” dimension. 

I’ve tried this formula but get the error message: 

Error: Dimension error: the Dimensions of the formula and the current Metric structure are not compatible. Can't implicitly remove Vendor Dimension(s) on non numerical Metric.

if(vendor.'Is Budget Category?',vendor.'Budget Category','FY24 Budget Dimension Vendor List - Development'.'Budget Only Vendor')]


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Pigment needs to return one single result on each line, therefore it needs to know how to get the result.

I would suggest to add:

[remove lastnonblank: Vendor]

at the end of your formula to tell Pigment to remove the dimension by taking the lastnonblank result that fits the condition. If you have duplicates in your list it could also be firstnonblank.

Please let me know if that helps.


Thanks that logic makes sense, it worked, thank you!