Issues with time aggregations

  • 17 May 2024
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I have a board with year as a filter on top of the board and it is possible to select multiple years in this filter. 

On my board I also have a KPI that should show outgoing HC for the last month based on the selected years. 

When I look at my data with Years on the rows it looks like the picture below when I use “Last” as time aggregator.

However when I remove years from the rows all values are blank. If I change the time aggregator to “Last Non Blank” it shows me values, but the problem is that “Last Non Blank” doesn’t always give me the values for dec in the last year, it returns the cells shown in the second picture below. 

It feels like a bug that the cells are blank when using “Last” as aggregator in this case or am I doing something wrong?



2 replies

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Hi @Ola ,

What is the dimensionality of your metric ? I experienced a similar issue with Month/Period Type and the aggregator Last Non Blank/Last. The behavior for “Last Non Blank” is expected given that the last non blank cell for Paternity Leave is Aug-23. However you’re right, Last should work as expected, @Mat it might be a similar issue to the aggregation issue I raised recently.

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Hi @CDALMAY , the calendar dimension on my metric is Month. But it also have a couple of other dimensions like status, department, subsidiary etc.