Looker Import Issues when Pushing All Results

  • 23 February 2023
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Hi Community,

Having a weird issue where when scheduling a webhook push from looker I’m unable to import all the data when setting the delivery to be All Results vs Results in Table. When doing Results in Table i’m able to import everything instantly but when configuring and sending a test for all results it doesn’t seem like any import is kicked off. Wondering what is occurring on the backend and if this a looker or Pigment issue.


Setting I need to apply


When having it for Results in table the import worked



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3 replies

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Delivery takes extremely long from looker but this issue has been resolved


How was this resolved?  I’m currently running into the same issue.

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Hey @sbenkov - what I found is on the looker end it’s unable to push anything beyond it’s cap of 5000 rows. Even if the look you have delivers <5000 rows if you do not set a row limit on the looker side nothing will deliver.

It is really annoying and limiting so I would recommend depending on your data set to do 1 bulk load of history and then try and just update the data periodically with any new rows/line items from the look.