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  • 31 January 2024
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I have a numeric metric of volumes of selling items with dimensions: item, channel, category, month

For this metric I have some volumes imported from a transaction list. 

Apart of these volumes I want to use an input board which allows me to manually input extra volumes per item/channel/category/month which will finally add to the imported volumes.

In the board, the input widget should show all the items that were manually input and should have the option to input a new volume based on the dimension selection.

How do I  do that?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Parapebune ,

If I understood your request correctly, you already have created the aggregated metric having the volumes from the Transaction list and looking to have the final volumes after an additional input.
Let us consider the following simplified  Transaction list where I have volumes by Country and Month:

And the first aggregated metric where I get the volumes from the Transaction list:

for the input metric I can duplicate the aggregated metric without selecting any options which will get you the same structure. Since this metric has no formula you can use it to add your input. 
Now for the output you could create a third metric for the Final volumes (it can be duplicated as well since it would have the same structure) and the formula would add both metrics. 
As a final step , these metrics could be added to a table and you could adjust the filters using the Pivot pannel:

Hope this answers your question.


Issam, many thanks for your kind reply!

Now, using your example, let’s say I want to manually add some volumes on France, for the months of Jan and Apr, using a newly created board, so I choose filter France.

If in the metric I keep the option “Show empty rows and columns” it will display a row with France and empty cells in which I can input values, which is ok.

Then, if I uncheck the Country filter from France, it will display all the countries and on France I will have the previously input values.

But, I would like the board to display only the countries which have these values input and hide the others.

If on the metric I use the option “Hide empty rows and columns”, the board will display only France which is what I want.

BUT, if I want to input values on other Japan, I filter this in the page selector and it will display this:

No data to display, you may want to disable the "Hide empty rows and columns" option in the "Filter" menu

so I will not be able to input values for Japan.

Is there any way I can trick it to display the countries that already have values PLUS a row with the new filtered country?

Hopefully I have explained well so you understand correctly what I want :)

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 Hi @Parapebune ,

I can think of a trick to display the countries having values and a filtered country but no through the native page filters.

  1. We would need to add a Country selector metric where you would select a specific country on which you want to add new inputs. This would be a metric with no dimensions and having as data type the Country dimension:
  1. Besides to Country selector,  we would need an additional metric that will flag the countries where there has been an input. This metric would be have a boolean data type with the Country as a dimension. To flag the countries having an input on any month the formula would be:
    ISDEFINED('Volume input'[REMOVE: Month])

    We need to adjust the formula to take into consideration our Country selector as well so the final formula would be:

    ISDEFINED('Volume input'[REMOVE: Month]) OR Country = 'Country Selector'

    In the screenshot above, we only have Japan flagged True since that is the only country I have already added inputs on.

  2. This filter metric needs to be added to the table and hidden (using the 3 ellipsis menu) and then apply the filter on the country dimension as follows:
  3. Finally, we add the Country selector and the table to a board:

    1. Without selecting any Country: only Japan is visible

    2. With a country selected, the selected Country is added to the table

Hopefully this answers your question and you could adapt it to your model.


Thank you Issam, this worked OK.

But now I have to complicate it a little bit, meaning that the selector should contain two dimensions, let’s say Continent and Country so in the board I have to select first a Continent, then a Country and it should display all the countries that already have data and a new row for inputting data for the new country.

I cannot figure how to extrapolate your solution to this…

Many thanks in advance for your precious time and support!

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Hi @Parapebune ,

What you are trying to achieve is quite tricky but I can propose combining the native page filters and the selector.
Continent could be a property of Country and could be added to the Page filter of the table.

  • If I filter en Europe and I have no inputs:
  • If I select France in the country selector:
  • If no filter is applied, only the country having Inputs would be displayed:

Hope this helps,