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  • 6 July 2023
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Any suggestion regarding oh how to complete the following:

I would like to allocate top value in the cells below.


In the Loss Utilisation Dash there is 1 metric more (Year Incurred)


The formula I used so far is:

'03. Future Taxable Income for utilization against available loss' [select: Year."FY 23"][by: -> '01.2 Year Incurred'. "FY 05"]




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Hi @Rocco 

First Step: You need to Create a Year Property in your 01.2 Year Incurred Dimension and apply following Formula:  

item(if(CUMULATE(1,'01.2 Year Incurred') = if((CUMULATE(1,Year)-19) >0 , CUMULATE(1,Year)-19 ) , Year.'Opening Year'[Add:'01.2 Year Incurred'])[Remove Textlist:Year],Year)

Second Step: Apply following formula in 03.2 Loss Utilization Dash

'03. Future Taxable Income for utilization against available loss'[By:->'01.2 Year Incurred'.Year]

Hope Your Required View will be achieved in Table.

Hope, I have cleared your query.

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Hi there Rocco,


I believe I have a solution for you that will fit what you’re after!

To get started, I would recommend creating a mapping metric where you can hold the mapping between the Year dimension and the Year Incurred dimension. This metric needs only to be dimensioned by Year, with a data type of Year Incurred as shown below:

Once you have this in place, you can then perform a simple mapping by using this metric like so: 

This demonstrates one of the nice uses of the BY: → mapping modifier. This is also quite flexible, as you can generate the values for the mapping by formula, or by manually defining the value - whichever one is more suitable to your business use-case.


I hope this helps, and please let me know if you need any further detail!