Metric with Data Type Dimension (Month) to Boolean Metric

  • 18 October 2023
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I have a metric where the data type is the month dimension and am struggling to figure out how to convert it to a Boolean metric with month as a dimension of that.

The first metric is an assumed/forecasted launch date for each customer (ignoring that these are old customers and therefore in historical periods). 

With the second metric I am trying to convert that assumed launch date to a Boolean where any month is “TRUE” that is greater than the assumed launch date in the first metric. For example, the first line here would correspond with an assumed launch date of Aug-23, the second line with an assumed launch date of Jun-23 and so on (also ignoring that these are historical periods).

I’ve been spinning my wheels on this for a bit and don’t see any articles on data transformation from metrics with a data type being the month dimension. But essentially I am trying to transform these into a Boolean metric with the month dimension (rather than it as a data type) so that the forecasted launch date can be applied in forecasts. 

I hope that made sense, thanks in advance for any advice! 


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Hi Kristian,


I’ve made a quick reproduction of your situation and hope this would help.


Here is my source metric with customers and their Launch Month


And here is how I transform this into booleans:

I used the formula

if(Month.'Start Date' >= 'LD_Calc_Assumed Launch Date'.'Start Date',true)

but depending of your metrics structure, you might have to modify it a bit.


Does this help?




That worked perfect, thank you!