Modifying Month dimension in Calendar

  • 26 July 2023
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Hello Pigment community,


Quick one here. I want to modify the Month Dimension in my calendar but “Cannot update a protected property (eg. built-in properties of calendar dimensions)”

I’m currently showing Jun 23 (MMM YY) and would like to switch to Jun-23 (MMM-YY).

How can I tune my own Calendar?

Thanks in advance !!



Best answer by abhilashsawla 27 July 2023, 05:36

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3 replies

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Hi @Guillermo Puls 

Your requirement can be achieved by creating property in Month Dimension, Please following Steps to achieve it.


Create New Property in Month Dimension with Unique List Item and apply following formula.

LEFT(Month.Name,3) & "-" & RIGHT(Month.Name,2)

So, Your output results will be:


Click on the setting in Month dimension and In Special Property, Set that Property as Default display name


After that, if you create any metric than you can see that your month will be showing like MMM-YY format.

Hope, I have answered your question.


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Feeling like a newy, Thanks a lot @abhilashsawla.



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Your Welcome @Guillermo Puls