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  • 13 September 2023
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What’s the criteria to have a another level of breakdown?

I was able to have two levels of break down for one of the metric but for the boxed one “R&D SAAS Total” another level of break down doesn’t show up even though the  dimensions are all different for each level that I wanted to select.


Can anyone share what is the rule/condition to be followed for such multiple level of break down in a table?

Thank you!


4 replies

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Does this article help you getting a better understanding about this feature maybe?



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Thank you for responding.

This article gives the basics of how break down works but I need to understand why for certain metrics I’m able to break up to 2 levels and for some I’m not able to do that.
Even though I can see the level up to which I want to break down, if I select that I’m not seeing the break down results.

Attaching some more screenshots here-


Although I selected one of the properties in the first picture and it shows me to “Remove break down” in the 2nd picture, but I’m not seeing any breakdown for that


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If you refer to the end of the documentation page shared, you will notice this mention:

“Choose from the dimensions used in the structure of the Metric that are not already visible in rows. “

Can you please look at the dimension you are trying to break your item down and make sure this dimension is not part of the rows dimension of your table ?


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Actually I’m trying to break down into 2 levels -
Its working if I try to break down the 2nd level initially and then the 1st level (which I don’t want) but it doesn’t work when I want the sequence to be 1st level and then the 2nd level.

So in this case, the order seem to have an impact in the break down rather than the dimensions that I’m using in this metric. And both these dimensions are completely different - one is GL Account  and the other one is Vendor Codes.