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  • 29 September 2023
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I am trying to build an org chart for my company. 

Most part is good to go, but I noticed that the “Position <> Manager” metric for Reporting seems to confuse the overall structure at the end. 

When looking at below snapshot, I clicked the ‘Strategic Finance’ team and employee A” is our CFO. My goal is to show “B” and “C” employees underneath “A” employee only because this flow is for the “Strategic Finance” department, However, it’s showing +6 who are NOT part of “Strategic Finance” department. Is there any way to fix this?






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Hi @Yaejis,


When you look at your reporting Metric, “Position <> Manager”,  When you see the the item used to represent Employee  B and C, is the your CFO (A) listed as the value within that Metric?

Also for the 6+, that are used for your Group Metric, do they have Strategic finance listed? 




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Hi @Chris,


 Actually, B reports to VP of Finance who is NOT in the Strategic Finance and C reports to B.

So maybe that’s why B and C cannot be underneath the CFO (A). This part make sense now! 


For 2nd question - No, 6+ ‘s team are not Strategic Finance but their reporting manager is CFO (A). 


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When you click on the number below a group card, it will expand to show you the cards that are under that group.   

So that +3 under strategic finance is showcasing employees A, B and C, because they are the employees under that group


When you click on the number below a reporting card, it will show you the cards that report to it.  
So the +6, is simply letting you know that those 6 individuals report to your CFO, its showing the Reporting hierarchy. 



Here is an example

Check out Fuzz Lightyear- this cat is part of the SA group but their Manager is part of the CSM group. 

So when I click on the  “SA” card , they show up because they are part of that group. There are three cards under this group, this is why you see 3.


When I expand from their manager, Catrick Swayze, they will show up under that card. You’ll also notice when I hover over Fuzz, you can see the lines highlighting Catrick Swayze and SA


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Make sense. Thanks Chris!