Pigment workflow to input dimension

  • 10 July 2024
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Hello everyone,

I know that automation/workflow needs to be designed with Metrics but I would like some people to input a dimension (with Data Type “Text”) and then select from several elements in several properties (each property being of the Data Type “Dimension”).

In the following example (which is a Dimension), I want some employees to input the Name of the subject they will be working on and then select the start date of the subject, the end date, link is to a project, a product and an activity.

I have absolutely no idea of how to do that. Any tips?

Many thanks




3 replies

To complete my message, I would like the employees to be able to input several Names and not just one (cf. screenshot)



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Hello @laura.c

I hope you are doing well!

Could you please reach out to our Support team at Here we will be able to gather more information regarding your request and guide you towards a resolution.


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Hi @laura.c , I don’t get your question, as first you mentioned something about automation and then ask about the ability to input within a dimension list?

So can you help clarify what you really mean here?